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Protect yourself and your family from the perils of identity theft.

As part of the program that brings you the Health Savings Card, Your Health Insurance Shop is able to provide you and your family with identity theft protection.

Thieves want to steal your identity. Don't let them get away with it!

ID Sanctuary provides the proactive tools and recovery assistance you need to quickly respond to an identity or fraud crisis. Give yourself and your family the gift of peace of mind.

Rely on immediate, personalized attention from a fraud specialist whenever you need it. Fraud specialists are armed with the knowledge to help reduce the risk of identity theft and provide unlimited restoration assistance should you fall victim.

The Fraud and Credit Monitoring Service detects potential fraud by monitoring a full-range of credit and non-credit information used to commit fraud. The service scours public and private databases, social media channels and the Internet black market for the presence and possible misuse of customer identities and credit data.

ID Sanctuary also provides:

  • Unlimited 24/7 restoration assistance whenever your identity has been compromised
  • Step-by-step guidance through the identity restoration process if you become a victim of identity theft or fraud
  • Document replacement assistance when identification documents such as Social Security cards, birth certificates, passports and driver's licenses are lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Credit inquiry activity alerts
  • One bureau credit report, credit score and monitoring
  • Access to an online educational resource with new articles, information, tips and best practices to protect against identity theft
  • Easy to use customer portal providing an at-a-glance view of daily activities, including credit score, credit report and alert summaries

ID Sanctuary is powered by IDT911. Since 2003, IDT911 has been leading the charge against hackers, thieves and even simple human error by providing solutions that deliver prevention education, proactive protection services and swift remediation for millions of households. IDT911 has maintained a long-term commitment to being a leader in the personal security industry by deploying new technologies and practices to ensure clients and their customers have the latest tools to protect the privacy and security of their most valuable assets.