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Recently Lost Your Group Health Care Coverage?

We Can Help!

If you've recently been laid off, lost your job for any reason, have been married, divorced, had a baby, or your employer no longer provides Health Insurance for you or your family, we can help you find affordable coverage.

Certain changes in your life are considered qualifying life events and enables you to enroll in health care coverage outside the normal annual enrollment periods.

You can learn more by watching the video on the Will I qualify for lower out-of-pocket costs page on the website

In most cases, individual health insurance offers significant savings over COBRA plans.

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Special Enrollment Period

If you missed this year's deadline, a change in your life could make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in health coverage. Examples of qualifying life events are moving to a new state, certain changes in your income, and changes in your family size (for example, if you marry, divorce, or have a baby). Call the insurance advisors at Your Health Insurance Shop to see if your circumstances fit the criteria for a Qualifying life event.

The Options and Personal Guidance You're Looking For

When you visit the offices of Your Health Insurance Shop in Somerset, PA, you'll be able to:

  • Consult with an insurance advisor who will help you compare plans and rates
  • Get medical insurance quotes focused on your needs and budget

Our insurance advisors are all certified to buy health insurance through the online Marketplace. We'll help calculate your subsidy and compare the various coverage plans and costs at no additional cost to you.

Whether you're ready to buy, comparative shopping, price hunting or just looking for information, we're here to help you find the health insurance and medical coverage options that work best for you.  To learn more, contact Your Health Insurance Shop today.

Affordable Health Insurance

At Your Health Insurance Shop, we're all about personalized service, building relationships, and finding the best solution for you.  Medical coverage options include:

Health Coverage for those who are eligible for Medicare

While Medicare covers most people starting at age 65, or have qualified by disability. Did you know it often pays less than 100% the cost of the average health care?  Physicals, hearing aids, eyeglasses, prescription drugs, and long-term care are just a few of the things Medicare does not cover.  Ask us about our Medicare supplemental insurance plans, including:

Specialized Insurance Products

Concerns for health and wellness affect all our lives, but for some people insurance needs go beyond basic health to concerns about disability, long term care, critical illness, and more.  At Your Health Insurance Shop, we're prepared for these eventualities with the competitive products and experienced guidance you deserve.

Whether you're a young wage earner, a family setting down roots, or a senior on a fixed income, we have the solutions to your health insurance challenges.  To learn more, visit our Get a Quote page and experience the difference Your Health Insurance Shop can make.

Affordable Health Insurance Somerset