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Insurance for Your Home and Property

What is your home and personal property worth to you?

If you're like most people you lock the doors at night. You don't leave the keys in the car and you keep tabs on where your laptops, smart-phones, tablets, cameras and other expensive toys are.

Just as common sense demands basic care and security, protecting your home and property from unforeseen disaster requires the proper insurance.

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Custom Insurance Packages to Meet Your Needs

Individual Insurance

Personal insurance coverage to meet all your needs.

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Insuring Your Home

What is the right deductible for you? Should your home be insured for the price you paid, or more? What exclusions will affect you when disaster strikes (are you covered for floods, mine subsidence, tornadoes, and more)?

Insuring Your Personal Property

What about all your possessions? From your appliances to your kids' game consoles, they usually represent a bigger investment than you realize. Will category and per item limits affect what are paid for lost or damaged personal items?

Liability Insurance

What if someone is injured on your property? From a slippery sidewalk to a dog bite, if someone accuses you of causing harm you need insurance coverage that will help you defend your case and protect your savings in the event of a lawsuit. 


Specialized Products

Your Health Insurance Shop also offers a selection of related insurance options:

Which is right for you? At Your Health Insurance Shop, we know your life situation is unique, and we're ready to help you find the solution that meets your needs and budget.

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