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Short Term Health Insurance

Why Short Term Health Insurance?

A short term health plan is generally used as a bridge, taking you from one situation to another. It can be an effective solution for those who are between jobs, transitioning from their parent's insurance, or waiting for another health plan to start. The premium costs are generally less for short term health insurance than a fully underwritten health insurance policy.

Short term or temporary medical insurance can last up to 360 days per year.  (If you need health insurance for longer periods, we'll be glad to work with you in identifying the individual health insurance plan that is right for you.)

Limitations of Short Term Insurance

Short term health insurance is a temporary solution. It is not compliant with "Healthcare reform" requirements, so you may still be assessed a penalty if your short term insurance continues beyond a few months.

Unlike plans which provide comprehensive coverage, short term health insurance is limited. It is designed to protect you in the event of unforeseen illness or accident.

Short term plans typically do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Because of the difficulties in knowing whether short term insurance is right for your situation, it is best to consult with a qualified health insurance expert before considering such a plan. Fortunately, at Your Health Insurance Shop our licensed agents help customers navigate the complex health insurance market every day.

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Short-Term Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Experienced in handling many special situations:

  • Lost or changed jobs
  • Planning retirement
  • Needing Medicare supplemental coverage
  • Young adults who are soon to go off their parents health care coverage
  • Going on disability or with special circumstances

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