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Final Expense Insurance

Managing End of Life Expenses

Losing a loved one is a grievous experience, made all the more stressful by the many decisions and expenses family members must deal with, from arranging funeral services to paying for probate and legal fees. It can be overwhelming.

Final Expense Insurance is one way to ease the burden on your spouse and family. It provides the resources to meet your end of life needs, as you've planned for them, without incurring additional debt or calling upon the savings of family.

At Your Health Insurance Shop, we're available to discuss Final Expense Insurance when you need us. You may contact us at your convenience.

Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

  • No medical exam necessary
  • Lifetime coverage
  • Your monthly premiums never increase
  • Benefits never decrease

End of Life Expenses

In 2012, the average funeral cost reached $8,000 - $10,000 (according to an article at And the funeral alone represents only a portion of your final expenses, which can include:

  • Outstanding debts and medical bills
  •  Legal fees and probate costs
  •  Funeral and burial services
  •  Casket or cremation urn
  •  Cemetery plot
  •  Headstone or grave marker
  •  Reception or wake for family and friends

At Your Health Insurance Shop, our goal is to understand your desires for how end of life expenses should be handled and how much should be allocated toward those expenses. Working with you, we can find the right Final Expense Insurance policy, one that meets your budget, your needs, and helps provide peace-of-mind.

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Final Expense Insurance

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