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Switching Medicare Plans in Pennsylvania

As you age, your health care needs often change, so it's important to review your Medicare coverage every year.  Additionally, you may have been prescribed new medications, or there may be coverage changes in your Medicare Advantage or Supplemental Plan.

Every year, from October 15 through December 7, you can make changes to your health care or prescription plan.

However, you may be able to make changes at other times of the year if you have these special circumstances:

  •  Recent diagnosis or worsening of a chronic illness
  •  Disabling condition
  •  Your income has changed

The Insurance Advisors at Your Health InsuranceShop will be glad to discuss any special circumstances that may make it possible for you to make a change now to your Medicare Coverage.  Contact us today or complete the form below.

Experienced Senior Product Specialists in PA

If you're considering switching Medicare plans or have any questions, call one of the Senior Product Specialists at Your Health Insurance Shop today! We understand that Medicare can be confusing, especially when changing plans. We ask the most important questions and help you pick the best plan to fit you!


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Your Health Insurance Shop can help you switch medicare plans!

Other Insurance

In addition to supplemental insurance for seniors, we offer a variety of products of interest to older Pennsylvanians.  These include:

For more information on supplemental insurance for Medicare or on our specialized insurance products, call us today at 800-491-3642.