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Why You Should Shop Around for Health Insurance

your health insurance shop why you should shop for health insurance If you need to buy or change your health insurance, there are good reasons why you should shop around.

Save Money

According to the Health Research Institute, this year's average premium increase in Pennsylvania is 10.5%. That much of an increase can hurt anyone's pocket book. If you received a notice that the premium for your health insurance coverage is going up - that is a good reason to shop around. Your Health Insurance Shop can help you compare plans and prices.

Tax Credits and Subsidies

For people under the age of 65, the cost of insurance may be offset by financial assistance from the federal government, depending on your income. This assistance may be in the form of a tax credit against premiums and, for certain lower income individuals, additional reductions in cost-sharing. Tax credits and subsidies are only available if you purchase insurance through the government's online Marketplace.

New Plans Are Available

Every year, insurance companies add or drop certain plans. This year, we anticipate that there will be several new plans available in Pennsylvania.

Circumstances Change

Health insurance premiums may vary according to your age, where you live, how many are in your family and whether anyone in the family uses tobacco products, but may not vary based on your health or any other factors.

There are many variables that make a plan right for someone. The Insurance Advisors at Your Health Insurance Shop can:

  • Determine if you are eligible for subsidies or tax credits (under age 65)
  • Help choose a plan that includes your preferred doctors and hospitals
  • Select a plan that meets your health care needs and budget

Call today to talk with one of our Insurance Advisors or to schedule and appointment.

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